What Are Your Current IT Capabilities?

SecureNet is committed to providing exceptional, world-class IT support for your business. In order to determine what level of services you require, we offer a free IT assessment. The results of our assessment will help identify your current capabilities and determine types of services you need.

Assessment Process Flow

  • Client Interview

    We’ll begin with an initial discussion to understand your business and needs. From there we’ll proceed with an audit where appropriate.

  • Capabilities Audit

    We’ll perform a full review your IT capabilities including hardware, software and support as well as costs for your current setup.

  • Business Analysis

    Audit results are followed by a full business analysis to uncover improvements and vulnerabilities, including potential cost-savings.

  • Adjustments & Recommendations

    Following the audit and analysis, we’ll make recommendations to improve your capabilities and increase your business cash flow ROI.

  • Onboarding Process

    Our team will finalize the new support structure, and begin to implement the managed IT care system for your organization..

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